Sunday, 31 August 2014

Cover Art - Fatal Designs by K.C. Wells

New cover work for K.C Wells' Fatal Designs.

USA: An eight year old boy stands by his father's grave. Daddy was his hero, the one who always made him laugh, who always had the answers. But now on TV people are saying his Daddy was a bad man. Carl jr doesn't understand. The man they describe couldn't be his Daddy. A drug dealer? That is just...wrong.

Seventeen years later, Carl jr is now Travis, living in the UK. His grandparents moved him there when his mother took her own life, unable to stand the aftermath of Carl Denninger's death in a gun battle with the police. Travis studied landscape design and at the age of twenty-five is one of the most sought-after and innovative garden designers in the country. He still keeps in touch with 'Uncle' James, one of his father's two partners in the software company that Carl, James and Matt started after MIT. James sends him gifts and even treats him to holidays.

Travis gets a call to meet up with Benjamin Driscoll, who wants Travis to design a series of gardens for his sprawling country estate. When Travis meets Ben, he likes what he sees. Ben is forty-four and very attractive, and if Travis reads him right, he's gay. Travis is definitely interested now...

But when Travis speaks with James about his new project and shares photos of the grounds, James makes a startling statement - Ben looks like his father's partner, Matt, who disappeared at the time of his death. Okay, so there are differences, but surgery could account for those. And when James starts using his IT skills to hack into police records, what he finds shocks Travis. The bullet that killed his father was not police issue. Someone else killed Carl - and all the evidence points to Matt / Ben.

Now Travis has a mission. He goes to live on the estate belonging to Ben, to see if he can find positive proof that this is the man who killed his father. James is behind him all the way. And if Ben turns out to be the killer, Travis will have his revenge. And what happens next changes everything.

Twists and turns, betrayal, a chase, secrets and lies.... This promises to be a roller coaster of a story.

Friday, 8 August 2014

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