Saturday, 11 July 2015

Texas Series ~ RJ Scott

RJ Scott's Texas series is drawing to an end (or so she says). What started with The Heart of Texas and spawned 6 more tales will come to a close, fittingly, in Texas Wedding. Whether she keeps to her word, I guess we'll have to see, you never know when a plot bunny might attack.

It feels like such a long time ago I did the cover for The Heart of Texas. I also remember the apprehension at being entrusted to make a new cover for a book that already had an identity before it was released by the original publisher. It is still one of my favourite 'early' covers I did for RJ, but my favourite of the series still has to be Texas Winter. I just love the colours and the wintry feel it gives me, plus I loved putting all the bits together to make the bottom scene.

Seven books later, and Jack and Riley look as handsome and fresh-faced as they did on that first cover *chuckles* It must be all that good living and fresh air they get.

And so, here we are, the latest and last (?) cover for Texas Wedding. Gonna miss these boys.