Saturday, 14 September 2013

Current Projects

Missed posting my Friday favourite this week so instead an update:

This last week I've worked on covers for upcoming re-releases of Amber Kell's Blood, Sun and Moon series.

I then started work on her Vampire Wanted (Nick's Tales Book 1) which should be finished and finals sorted today.

Also this week Silvia Violet bought an image from the photographer Dan Skinner to use for promo pieces including an image for a totebag, business cards and facebook banner/icon.

I have to say, the image was gorgeous :)

I'm also in the process of finishing the e-book cover for Silvia's future release, Sorting Out, a sequel to the original ménage, Fitting In.

Future Projects:

Sorting Out print cover (Silvia Violet)
Moon Pack Volume 1 print cover (Amber Kell)
Bonding with Graven (Amber Kell)
Saving Valor (Amber Kell)

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